[Buku Baru] Tales of Mothers: The Greatest Love

Alhamdulillah, we are pleased to announce our second English book – Tales of Mothers: The Greatest Love.


There are a few things in life that cannot be achieved by women. One of them is being a perfect mother. And that is a bitter reality every mother has to swallow. But the moment a mother is present when her children need her the most, she has transformed into a perfect mother in the eyes of her sons and daughters. Tales of Mothers: The Greatest Love is a compilation of eight real-life stories about the ups and downs of motherhood.

The stories were compiled and edited by Raudah Yunus, a Malaysian writer who is also a medical doctor with the help of her husband, Md Mahmudul Hasan, who lectures at International Islamic University Malaysia.

One of the stories tells the struggles faced by Nusrat, a Bangladeshi woman who both of her sons were born with their own medical conditions: the eldest and the youngest ones were diagnosed with autism and laryngomalacia respectively. After Sunan, the eldest one was diagnosed, Nusrat and her husband decided to leave the comfort of their homes to seek a better life for Sunan. Her story tells us how, with courage and faith, she keeps striving to give her sons a life that filled with nothing, but happiness.

A mother of three, Zaahirah eventually made a life-changing decision. She would be a stay-at-home mother at least for a couple of years. Having qualified as a doctor and being previously known as ambitious and competitive, Zaahirah found the other side of life as a mother, which she never regrets. Here she tells her story of raising three kids in Britain and shares her understanding of early childhood education.

Along with the stories, Tales of Mothers also feature three articles written by experts, discussing the topic of parenting, working mothers and special children. The book was also reviewed by two individuals: a well-known British-Pakistani novelist and scriptwriter, Qaisra Shahraz, who is the author of a book titled The Holy Woman and Adlil Rajiah, a Malaysian parenting blogger.

Rest assured that these eight mothers’ journeys of love, hope and fear will inspire other mothers and will give new insight to curious readers.


Title: Tales of Mothers: the Greatest Love

Editor: Raudah Yunus and MD Mahmudul Hasan

Authors: Multiple authors

Pages: 196 pages

Price: RM25

Get your copy from http://bit.ly/talesofmothers


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